60 Perfectly Timed Photos So Real That It Is Unbelievable

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With all the cameras and smartphones out there, it’s no surprise that, once in a while, someone captures a truly bizarre once-in-a-lifetime photo. Whatever you want to call them – forced perspectives, optical illusions or pictures taken at just the right angle – they are brilliant and hilarious because they totally twist your perception of what is real. We present you with a list of 60 perfectly-timed pictures that will fool your brain.

1. Titanic Fail

01- Titanic Fail


This couple tried to recreate the famous poster shot from the legendary film Titanic, where Leonardo DiCaprio embraced Kate Winslet on the titular cruise liner. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for us, a seagull decided to headbutt the pair.

2. One-Two-Three- Cheese!

02 One-Two-Three- Chesse!
These 2 young ladies were preparing to take a magnificent shot of this awesome view but instead, created an awesomely hilarious perfectly timed photo instead. Good job!

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